Monday, May 28, 2012

Is that what I think it is?

Ok, let´s start this final Blog before my race with a question. How many of you, while out running, have accidently stumbled across a nudist beach? It happened during my LSR on Sunday morning. It was also exclusively a gentlemen´s club of which they were all fully stand-up members. An interesting find all round, but I feel I may change the time of my run next time I go out that way.

Anyway, it served to teach me one thing and it´s this. How I do in my race on Sunday doesn´t really matter. What matters is that I´m going to race, I´m fit, I´m living healthy, I have no stress and I´m running and running and running. In other words, I´m not doing bad things to myself. This is not to say that bathing nude in an exclusive gentlemen´s club is doing a bad thing. Each to their own. All I´m saying is it reminded me a little of my Jimmy Page personality and the living free/not giving a toss mentality or the one I´m trying to keep under control. I´m glad and more than a little relieved I´m keeping it under control so if I ever do decide to try nude-bathing I know it will be a fully-informed choice.

So...the race is on Sunday. I´m ready. My LSR, apart from the interesting views, went really well. I was out for 3 hours, part-walking, part-running and I covered 14 miles. My mentality is also ready to be on my feet for that length of time. I´m still having fantasies about winning but I think that´s ok too. I like them and they beat fantasies about headlining at Glastonbury, simply because I think it´s slightly more realistic (but not by much).

Another thing I did was a full range of cardiac tests. Everything is fine just like I knew it would be. Like I said, I´m ready. My next blog will be a race report of the Pedreguer Mountain Half-Marathon. I love the way it sounds simply because 18 months ago this wouldn´t have been possible in my wildest dreams.

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