Sunday, June 3, 2012

At least my legs aren´t jelly

So...they cancelled the race. The whole point of my training for the last 8 weeks comes to nothing. I even pulled out of a dinner last night (no big loss on my part though) and tried in vain to get some sleep, ending up with about 4 hours, before I got up at 5:30am, filled up with a huge breakfast and set off for an hour´s drive to the start line.

I don´t think it´s justifiable just putting a notice on the website. There was only 31 of us registered and we had all submitted our email addresses when we put our names down. How difficult or time-consuming is it to notify us by email? Not very, is the answer. The other argument is how difficult is it to check the website. But no, I think the onus is on the organisers to do their best to inform everyone, especially when they live an hour´s drive away from the starting line.

Anyway, at least my legs aren´t jelly. As I was joining the motorway to drive back I saw a Mediterranean storm starting up over the mountain. I thought it would have been quite cool to run in that, apart from the danger of being struck by lightening, or running down steep, slippery slopes in old trainers. But still, imagine the thrill. Then I thought, at least I´m not knackered and wondering if I´m losing the will to live which is what almost certainly would have gone through my mind at some point.

The next thing on my list of goals is the Valencia marathon in November. I´m still not sure why I want to do a marathon though. Maybe someone will tell me one day.

I don´t want to write anymore. I´m furious.


  1. It happened to us one wintertime. It was a last minute cancellation when a milk tanker slid on the ice and crashed into a bridge, effectively blocking the route of our 10K race. It's the only time we've ever checked a website before a race, which we did because of some imminent bad weather. We were lucky!

    1. Couldn´t you have gone over the tanker? I wouldn´t have thought a bunch of hard northerners would have been put off by something as innocuous as an obstacle?

      Seriously though, it is a lesson learned. Especially as my Spanish is good enough for there to be no excuse.

    2. Oh by the way Running Fox, I saw YOU had a great race last week. Well done! It´s great for you and nice for me to be inspired. I´ve got a 6k beach race now lined up for Sunday instead of the planned 10K trail race. Doing the beach race means the kids can have a go as well so I should´t be selfish. I hope they enjoy it!