Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Doubts creeping in...

It´s been a strange couple of weeks since I last blogged. I´ve done quite a bit of training over this time, including a great 2 hour LSR that took in two pretty good hills (one pictured below) and a beach run. The weather has also started to turn and, as is typical for Alicante, the season of Spring lasted about 2 weeks before it started to get seriously hot. Hot weather is good for running as it develops your mental strength and makes you draw on reserves of will when your mouth starts to feel like a desert and your legs start to feel like jelly.

However, I´ve also been to A&E. On one of my Saturday runs I was just starting to head up my second steep hill when I suddenly had the sensation of all my breath being knocked out of me. It passed almost instantly but then repeated again a couple of seconds later. I stopped running and walked home. The next day, on a doctor friend´s orders, I went to A&E where they did a load of tests, resulting in an all-clear. However, just to make sure I´m having a full range of proper cardiac tests on the 22nd. Paranoia is an expensive business.

Why do these doubts creep in? I used to suffer from anxiety a lot more when I was younger and I thought I´d beaten this kind of thing. Maybe it´s the race coming up, which normally sets me off with the symptoms of a cold. Now it´s setting me off with fears of something far more serious. My bloody subconscious gets right on my wick.

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