Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Caveman Approach

I´ve had to take an injury break for the past week. It´s not ideal but about 12 mins into my mid-week session last week, it was clear that my ankle was giving me big ´no-no´ signs by hurting more with every step I took. I concluded this was more than your normal aches & pains and sensibly stopped. It was very frustrating as I feeling more Mo Farah than Mo Farah himself.

As always I thought a sensible solution was needed so I radically changed my diet, to go along with the standard RICE treatment. Therefore I am now fully paleo! From Saturday onwards I am no longer eating grains, legumes, processed foods, breads, sweets, dairy etc etc. Basically, all I can eat is meat, poultry, lamb, fish, and all the veg and fruit I want, plus most condiments and vinegars. There are many ideas and theories behind this diet, so I won´t go into them now, nor will I advertise any reading I´ve been doing. First, I want to see the (if any) positive effects. To add to my suffering I also gave up caffeine.

It´s been ok. I spent the first day pretty light-headed, which is normal. The second and third days have brought feelings of being rundown, again pretty normal. Then I hurt my back lifting the kids out of bed, so I´ve been distracted by that. However, on Tuesday, just two days into my diet, I went out to run again, with my ankle seemingly well-rested. Interestingly, I set my fastest kilometre within my target heart-rate of 135, completing it in 5:51 running on the flat. This was a total surprise. I can´t honestly say it´s down to changing my diet as I also had a good rest, but it´s certainly encouraging.

So, to spread the word, try this dish:


Hake fillets, plum tomatoes, garlic, onion, nutmeg powder, black pepper, salt.

Chop the hake up into small chunks. Fry the onion and garlic in butter for a few minutes, then add the hake and fry it until it´s slightly browned, adding some black pepper. Chuck in the tomatoes, nutmeg powder and salt and simmer away to your heart´s content. Optional extra - add some cayenne powder whilst frying the hake to spice the whole thing up.

For those who say paleo is difficult, how easy is that?

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